Welcome to Shredder Center! I created this website as a platform for me to share my “research” and old university notes with the world. One of my major dilemmas after I finished graduate school last year was I didn’t know what I wanted to study next.

I also am trying out a podcast-type thing on YouTube as a side “experiment”. I’ll leave a link in the contacts page in case you think you would be interested. If you really like my content and want to support, there is  a link to my paypal for one-time deposits and my patreon account for month-to-month deposits (every dollar helps!) under the “contact me” tab.  I really want implement this website and my podcasts into a long-term career, so I need all the support, advice, and collaboration I can get. Please feel free to email me for more information about my academic background or if you have any questions.

Aside – here are the links I used to generate my background and header images.: