Experiment 1



  • Validate for myself whether all this pyramid talk is legitamite/worth looking into or nonsense

Links to similar experiments:

  • https://www.yout1ube.com/watch?v=YcpJ_y_N780
  • I will probably implement this link in my experiment
  • I read a version of this experiment that I really liked a few months ago. I just can’t find the original source. Hopefully I’ll find it, because it was well written and you could tell the author had at minimum taken some science labs in college (and thus is probably aware of the importance of the scientific method all that stuff).  If/when I do find it I’ll post a link here 🙂
  • I was also thinking of trying out this experiment with growing crystals instead of plants, but I’m not quite as sure what differences to look for in the results (I’m thinking it would at least require a microscope). If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

Overview of ideas

Note: I don’t know gardening “lingo” (I’ve never gardened before), so I am going to make up some terms for now

  • Hypothesis: Seeds sown in soil placed under a pyramid will have better “growth yields” than seeds sown in control soil.
  • Materials:
    • Copper wires connected in the shape of a pyramid
    • Copper wires connected in the shape of a cube (one of the control conditions)
    • Three plant pots
    • Soil/fertilizer
    • Seeds
    • (?) A room with a south- facing window (for optimal sunlight exposure each day, I don’t really know, I just made this one up)
      • At minimum, don’t pick a room without windows or that only has North-facing windows

Things To Figure Out

  • Is there a way to quantify growth “yield”?
  • Should I try the experiment with crystals? If so, what differences in the results would I be looking for?

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