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Language Areas in the Brain



Diagram (outer left hemisphere):

Broca’s Area

Generally located in the inferior frontal gyrus (located in the frontal lobe) of the dominant hemisphere

  • Defined in terms of the pars opercularis (Brodmann’s area 44) and the pars triangularis (Brodmann’s area 45)
Broca’s area - BA44 and BA45.png
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Both case fMRI and case studies of patients with chronic aphasia (speech impairment) suggest the Broca’s area primarily controls…

  • Speech production
  • Facial neuron control
  • Language processing

Note: slow destruction of the Broca’s area (e.g., via tumor growth) allows for these neural connections to shift to nearby brain areas and leaving speech intact for the most part

Wernicke’s Area

Generally located in the dominant posterior temporal lobe (below the primary auditoy complex) of the brain

  • Traditionally defined as Brodmann’s area 22

Damage to the Wernicke’s area usually results with fluent aphasia (patient can connect words, but phrases lack meaning)

Functions of the Wernicke’s area include,

  • Language comprehension
  • Semantic processing
  • Language recognition
  • Language interpretation

Arcuate Fascilicus

The acuate fascilicus is the group of nerve fiber bundles connecting the Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas

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Angular Gyrus

Located in the anterolateral region of the parietal lobe

Angular gyrus - lateral-left view
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Primary functions are associated with

  • Tasks associated with complex language (e.g., writing and reading comprehension)
  • Mathematics (left hemisphere)
  • Spatiovisual attention (right hemisphere)
  • Spatial cognition





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